Come Back As A Flower

Come Back As A Flower
Mixed Media Self-Portrait (Sculpted clay mask, fabric & digital illustration)

All About The Blues

My Body Myself as a Clay Vessel with Remnants of My Life Flowing In & Out | Sculpture: Earthenware Clay, Glazed, Fired to Cone 04 | Natural Dyed Cotton Muslin, Paint & Ink

Today the remnants are pulled tight around me like constraints.  I pray to God for mercy and endurance as I breathe each blessed breath.  I let go!  I surrender all to Jesus!  I’m by myself on this journey learning endurance.  Our biggest fear is being alone in life but sometimes the tears of where our Ancestors have been take us to sole survivor places to illuminate the Way.

God has a great sense of humor!  Me -- riding out the Blues!  It’s all so amazing.  I’m walking out submission to God.  I’m learning about freedom and connections we share with others.  I’m learning discernment.  I’m learning to listen to things more than people.  Birthing my past in clay and this moment in fiber as sculpture is helping me clear the cobwebs in my own design thinking.  The road to hell is paved with a lot of good intentions.  It’s easy to get caught up in believing its not enough blessings and goodness to go around.  So, if someone else is blessed it takes something away from what I don’t have.

Hate, envy, jealously, vindictiveness, meanness and sharp tongue words become the norm.  Hate and meanness make more drama on tv over compassion and mercy.  “It’s a trap!” I hear Mat Randolph saying.  Mat said there were four traps set for all folks everywhere – sex, silver, self and sloth.  Hate and meanness is the trap of self and needing everything to always be about you and what you want.  It takes courage and strength of character to put the concerns of others over what we want for ourselves.  Our world is very selfish by any means necessary.  Humanity and Planet Earth are beginning to Reset !!! IAM

Riding Out The Blues::One Day At A Time


Indigo Blues Vessel
Sculpture: Earthenware Clay, Glazed, Fired to Cone 04 | Skaru’:re Indigo Dyed Cotton Muslin

I don’t ask Creator why I’m not married with a family of my own anymore.  It takes a village to raise a child and I’m a teaching artist humbling trying to empower young people to practice design thinking through creative hands.  I’m where I’m suppose to be, doing what God wants me to do today.  The Holy Spirit reveals signs that keep me on task, like an indigo bush growing on Chowan’s campus and the Holy Father coming to the East Coast of North American on my birthday.

The answer to why me is why not.  It’s not personal, it’s about the stories associated with one of the birthplaces of The Blues, Fort Neyuheruke.  Native Americans on the East Coast from South America to Canada have been living the Blues since 1492.  We are the remnant of a free people from 1491.  Everything has been taken from us!  We have been stripped down, raped, beaten, burned alive, kidnapped, held captive and our children sold as the first slaves.  And after all that, large numbers of us remain forever connected to the land of our Ancestors.  We made ourselves invisible, hiding out in plain sight in small family clusters on Swampland.  The remnant of Algonquin people in the Coastal Plains of Carolina is huge.  That’s why the powers that control keep the people separate by sowing negative energy of mistrust among Indian people.  Some people follow what others say.  But like my momma says, “I rather see a sermon any day instead of hearing one!”

I’ve got new clay and fiber work up in the faculty show at Chowan.  The hardest part was getting big clay from Skarure land to Chowanook.

Driving Back & Forth 2 Work Each Day

You Don’t Know What Love Is Until You Know The Meaning Of The Blues…… I’m riding out this truth on the original Blues Trail on Highways 64, 97, 258 and 301.  Every day back and forth I drive.  My reward from Lord God Almighty is making color with oil paints.  My art journey stated with oil paints inspired by watching Bob Ross on educational tv.  The first painting workshop that I attended was a Bob Ross workshop in Raleigh at Plantation Inn.  I was the youngest participant and the only person of color.  Bob Ross was genuine in his kindness and sharing in his spirit.  Who knew I would get to travel the world as an artist?  My adventure is amazing, most of all to me!!!!

My Lesson 2 Reconnect with oil paint colors ...

Creating Color Lesson #1:
Connecting 2 Place & People

Concept:  Community

Art Element 2 Explore:  Color

My Song:  “That Song” | Oshkè yè ii, Whitefish Bay Singers, 2007

My Place:  My journey begins with me walking the streets of Paris, dipping in the North Sea with the Ramous Family off the coast of Gothenburg, and trekking to Sodankylä with Karin to the Midnight Sun Film Festival for a pottery show.

Algonquin roots in the Coastal Plains of Eastern North Carolina from the Skaru:’re Historical Trails of Highway 301 Business and Highways 13, 42, 58, 64, 97 and 258.  Art community roots to the Arts and Crafts Movement demonstrated by Miss Lucy Morgan at Penland School of Crafts.

IAM:  Who am I?  I’m Contentnea Creek clay pulled from the earth thousands of years ago.  I’m present and in the moment.  I’m studying “The Art of War.”  

My textile is the backdrop for the faculty show card ...