Come Back As A Flower

Come Back As A Flower
Mixed Media Self-Portrait (Sculpted clay mask, fabric & digital illustration)

Mama's Birthday::29January

Mama's Amber Eyes! Drawing, HB Pencil on Paper.

Happy Birthday, Mama!  Thank you for being such an inspiring grandmother ~ Clan mother.  Baby Girl has finally come into her own.  Feel your presence in our neighborhood.  One circle closing and a new trail beginning::A Scared World View ~ Solutions 2 Today's Problems brought to you by 3 women and a cub.

I'm being redesigned in a basement through line and value drawings.  Trail is painful life some days, but I'm enjoying the moments.  Got Divine Mercy and The Eucharist!  Thank You, Sweet Baby Jesus!

Divine Mercy

I'm over being flunked out of my last semester of grad school at Western Carolina University.  The injustice of it all is beyond understanding.  But, thanks to God's Divine Mercy and The Eucharist -- I'm over it!  Sweet Baby Jesus!  Thank You!  It's like the fog has cleared and I'm free from all of it!  Sometimes life is unfair, hard-hearted and mean-spirited but it doesn't have to define who I am as a person.  What doesn't kill me does make me stronger!  The beauty of Divine Mercy is that it meets you just were you are in your relationship with God.

In me in the seed of the remnant First Nations Trail down Contentnea Creek to Chocawanteth to Currituck.  A First Contact People hidden in plain sight.  I'm bell hooks' "Black Looks," the seed of a People nurtured and protected in the womb of Africa.  Clan Mother Child!  Returning to the place of one's birth after a lifetime of experiences is complicated but a soul cleansing event.  It's a Do Over!  A Circle danced closed, so a new one can be opened.

This is the ultimate soul cleansing event for me because the flood waters of Hurricane Floyd are finally drained out of my heart!  When Divine Mercy made me free from WCU, it made me free of the root source of my contamination -- the flood waters of Floyd.  Pre-Floyd, Hurricanes Dennis #1 and #2 and then Hurricane Floyd were the beginning of a big chuck of real life survival experiences that almost but not quite killed me and my BFF.  What I've lost God is restoring!  What was broken God is rebuilding!  My health is being restored!  I'm back in college this time getting an alternative K-12 art education teaching license.  One semester in residence at ECU -- this one.  Successfully, completed three online classes last semester.  And of course -- Penland!

Blessings are coming!  I give thanks, praise and worship as I complete this Advent Season.