Come Back As A Flower

Come Back As A Flower
Mixed Media Self-Portrait (Sculpted clay mask, fabric & digital illustration)

Driving Back & Forth 2 Work Each Day

You Don’t Know What Love Is Until You Know The Meaning Of The Blues…… I’m riding out this truth on the original Blues Trail on Highways 64, 97, 258 and 301.  Every day back and forth I drive.  My reward from Lord God Almighty is making color with oil paints.  My art journey stated with oil paints inspired by watching Bob Ross on educational tv.  The first painting workshop that I attended was a Bob Ross workshop in Raleigh at Plantation Inn.  I was the youngest participant and the only person of color.  Bob Ross was genuine in his kindness and sharing in his spirit.  Who knew I would get to travel the world as an artist?  My adventure is amazing, most of all to me!!!!

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