Come Back As A Flower

Come Back As A Flower
Mixed Media Self-Portrait (Sculpted clay mask, fabric & digital illustration)

What Do I Want To Make Today?

Dear World:  Today I want to make a new habit.  As I reflect on teaching Internet Technologies thirteen years ago at Johnston Community College when the world as I knew it changed, journaling my journey is where I am in this moment.  I can still remember the person who came to my class and told us a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center.  I can see our faces as we watched the tv in horror as the second plane flew into the second Tower.  In that moment, all of us knew it was not an accident.  In that moment of realization we all held our breath in shock and dismay.  My students and I lost our innocence in that moment.  Everything that we thought we knew about being safe and secure was gone in an instant.

We all have a choice as to what we want to make today.  Some people choose to make war, chaos, mayhem, murder, rape, scheming, plotting, vengeance, hatred or just plain mischief.  9.11 shows what comes out of a human heart made hard by hatred and vengeance.  Hatred breaks many hearts but I’ve known of a human heart healed by it.  Hate just makes more hate.  So, what do you want to make today?  Do you want to make the world a better place or a worse place?  Hating and killing another person is never going to solve a problem, and it’s never going to make any set of circumstances better.

What do I want to make today?  A new habit of journaling my journey that fosters dreams about combining indigo dyed cloth with clay to make decorative and wearable objects.

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