Come Back As A Flower

Come Back As A Flower
Mixed Media Self-Portrait (Sculpted clay mask, fabric & digital illustration)

Mercy, Mercy Me! #selfienation

Mercy, Mercy Me::The Debt Is Settled In My Mind

Design on Clay That Going on Next Quilt Square
Words I will embroider on my first “Wounded Heats on Indigo” quilted wall hanging will be “Mercy, Mercy Me”.  I’m a Sole Sojourner on the road less traveled from Paris to Chowan by way of Penland School of Crafts.  Driving clears the mind of everything except driving and road conditions.  Circumstances that seemed major blow in the wind over big sky North Eastern North Carolina.  Hwy 258 North is on top of one of our trade routes.  For a thousand years it was one of the original “Trail’s of Dreams.”  Insights I’m observing 1) if you want peace expect people to make war with you; and 2) if you want unity expect friends to banish you.  It’s not personal, suck it up and ride on up and down the hightway!  Part ways in peace, let them pick the direction and I’ll go the opposite way.  Peace is impossible without Jesus.

Peace is not something that we can pull off on our own.  Peace is made possible though Divine Mercy, grace, justification by faith with the anointing of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus and Lord God Almighty & Everlasting.  Have mercy on me Lord!  Sweet Baby Jesus please have mercy on me!  Lift up Patricia Brayboy to be a potter for all the world to see|  Protect & Comfort Pura Fe | Show mercy to my BFF | Pour out abundance on Priscilla Hope | Healing for Jaki Shelton Green | Knowledge for Mary Eagle | Strength & endurance for David Branch Sutton | Wisdom to lead our People for Luis Santigo | Insights for Buck Allen to inspire us | Peace for Judy Hood, Barbara Walker & Margaret Jones | Divine Mercy 4 The Whole World!

Chowan Tree
Observations From Driving Hwy 258 North from Hwy 42 East:  Several Plantations remain – one with a slave cabin and horse barn that I would like to draw.  The stories on that track of land!  There are lots of big farms with huge amounts of green tobacco.  So much was on the road this morning it would have filled my trunk.  I want a photo before it all gets gone to accompany my review of a STEAM lesson: #selfienation

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