Come Back As A Flower

Come Back As A Flower
Mixed Media Self-Portrait (Sculpted clay mask, fabric & digital illustration)

Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing! #18/30 Art That Heals

Penland Logo from Craft House Porch
I'm in a Mighty Marvin, Tammi Terrell groove today because 11 days from now I'll be back on Penland mountain.  Sweet Baby Jesus ~ Hallelujah!  5th session at Penland rocks because we've got that extra weekend.  It's especially perfect for me because I'll be staying for Auction.  I'll already be in place and ready to roll to help prepare for Auction.

Rocking Chair Waiting 4 U!
I want be on registration this year and will miss meeting and greeting all of the patrons and LMLs.  I'm moving to VHQ, which is the ideal Auction assignment for me.  I get to give back to others all the love, kindness and joy that Penland gives to me.  How cool is that?  I'll be a VHQ Crew Chief in Training, guided by Randy Hinson.  Watch out because Penland and the world will never be the same!  A dynamic duo will be in VHQ!  Unfortunately, our fearless VHQ leader, Patty, will not be joining us this year.  But, she'll be with us in spirit!  I love Patty, and will miss her, but the Penland's Auction like life goes on.  Auction is our performance art presentation, where we get to strut our stuff like drama folks.

So, if you don't mind working hard for 4 days with some of the top visual artists and crafts people in the world, while having the best time of your life ... JOIN US!  Let the Penland Experience change you and empower you to be more than you can dream!  Penland is truly a "Real Thing Experience"  and it's nothing else like it!  Life is short and fragile ... don't let the Penland Experience Train leave the station without you!

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