Come Back As A Flower

Come Back As A Flower
Mixed Media Self-Portrait (Sculpted clay mask, fabric & digital illustration)

Change Is Coming

Journal Inside Cover
HOW IT ALL BEGAN:   At the beginning of this academic year, I started teaching visual journaling to middle school art majors as an arts integrated unit combining art and language arts.  It was a way for my students to explore personal expression using mixed media and writing in a two-dimensional journal format.  They would you verbs and adjectives to describe their personality and feelings, both good and bad, along with dreams, goals and hopes.  My goal was to provide a vehicle for students to learn how to give visual descriptions to life experiences, even painful ones.  Well the rest is history … my students and I are now visually journaling our journey.

MY JOURNEY:  2012 is a year of change for me!  This year brings the outward transformation that started in a rocking chair on the porch of the Craft House at Penland School of Crafts on July 18, 2008.  A star had just peaked through to herald the night.  As I watched the moon rise in it's fullness, the transformation of my life was about to begin.  Oh! What a journey it has become!


This blog will chronicle my outward transformation to change my life through Bariatric Surgery.  I’m leaving “bread crumbs” for myself to remember where and how it all began through the process of visual journaling.  I’m also leaving “bread crumbs” for others, the way I wish someone had left for me by sharing this blog.  The decision to have Bariatric Surgery is not an easy one.  I’ve struggled for years asking if it is right for me. 

I know beyond a shadow of doubt that all things are possible in the name of my Friend, Lord, Savior and Christ, Jesus.  I prayed for the Holy Spirit to give me clear directions as to what to do, and to give me the strength of character to walk it out in obedience.  I’m finding the courage to reach out for help at Southern Surgical in Greenville, NC.  It’s ironic because I lost control of my weight from circumstances while living in Greenville.    It’s not going to be an easy trek, for me this is like preparing to climb Mt. Everest.  But with God all things are possible, and my goal is to climb my mountain and to reach its summit healthier and wiser that I am today.  Welcome to my visual journal showing how art can transform a life!

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